If not now, when? If not himbo, whomst? An Ode to Quads Unloosed

            What centaur dareth venture west? What fitness maiden loth?

What mad pursuit? What dingerly duty?

What moose and timbrel? What wild taters mashed?

Heard deals of dealing are so deals, the piping quartet beckons

Are sweeter; therefore, ye big dongs, sock on;

Not for the fair of the stomach, but placid of minded online,

Bellow to the backrow creatures of the deep:

Boyhood faded, beneath the lights, thou shalth rip four more

Thy Baha Men, nor reference page be cursed with six hundred nine and six;

Bold knocker, never, never canst thou mirror kiss,

Though winning near the goal yet, do not grieve;

700 cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss,

For ever wilt thou love, and slamaramadingongzananza be fair

Ah, happy, happy green fields! That cannot shed

Your biggie bops, seeking round, bid the Spring adieu;

And, happy apex himbo, unwearied and unburdened

For four more moonshots, ever new. . . .

(Authors Note: this is *heavily* borrowed from Keats’s Ode to a Grecian Urn. Felt whimsical may delete later. Alex, my LinkedIn Invitation is waiting, let’s talk Deals.)

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