Second Annual Trident Deck Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby

It’s been a weird, busy, mostly-blogless year for ol’ blog here, but I am relieved and excited that we are on track for our second annual charity derby! We are on short notice, something I hope to improve upon in the coming years, but there’s no reason we can’t still have a blast and raise money for a great cause! Only two weeks to go! Let’s go over those sweet, sweet details:


It’s a wiffle ball home run derby. Someone tosses you plastic balls, and you use a plastic bat to try to crank as many of them over the “fence” as possible.


September 17th, at 11 am. It’s a Saturday.


Ron Regis Park, in Renton.

1501 Orcas Avenue SE
Renton, WA 98059
United States


Because it’s fun, stop asking stupid questions.

What’s the charity and how do we help?

Like last year, we will be using this as an opportunity to raise funds for Low Income Housing Institute. You can donate directly through their website (please screenshot and share with me so I can track our total), and I will have a shirt up soon in the store from which all profit will go to LIHI as well. I humbly ask that if you plan to attend the derby, you make a donation through one of the above methods. This is the reason we’re doing this. You are also welcome and encouraged to donate even if you can’t attend!

If you are planning to attend and haven’t signed up yet, please do so at the link below:

Last day to sign up for dinger smackin is next Friday, September 9th!

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