Final Dude Watch Board of 2021

While the Dude Watch board updates were extremely irregular and altogether absent from the last couple months of the season (much to the dismay of some of you,) don’t doubt for a second that Dudes were still being tracked. Remember — the type of players you want on your team fall into tiers called guys, dudes, studs, and stars. So if you’re shocked to not see a certain good player, they’re likely in the next tier up. Let’s take one last look at the Dudes That Were.

Players Who Reached Dude Status at Any Point in 2021

Dylan Moore — The original Dude. It all started with a simple question in 2020: Is Dylan Moore a dude? For a time, he was. And then he wasn’t. Then, he was again. And now he’s not. Never say never, but Dylan’s Dude Days are likely over.

JP Crawford — It took him awhile to reach Dude status, but he then stayed there so consistently that he has now graduated to the lower ranks of the next level up: he’s a stud. Congrats, JP.

Jake Fraley — Jake rocketed his way to Dude-dom thanks to a Barry Bondsian start to the season. Unfortunately, ah, some things happened, and well….yikes. Jake could find a role as a 4th OF in 2022, and it’s certainly possible for a 4th OF to be a Dude. For now, he’s out.

Luis Torrens — A rough start and a positional identity crisis did not weigh in his favor, but Luis came back from a stint in Tacoma and mashed the heck out of righties (131 wRC+) pretty much the rest of the way. Should you platoon at DH? Probably not. Does Luis make me wanna think about it? I mean…kinda.

Jarred Kelenic — My sweet boy. He grew up before our very eyes. Going from this: to slashing .248/.331/.524 from September on. Jarred has his sights set on higher things than Dude.

Paul Sewald — A true Bullpen Dude. A difficult task, but a monster season catapulted Paul from potentially-a-guy to full-fledged Dude.

Drew Steckenrider — See above.

Logan Gilbert — A rough start to the rookie campaign, but Logan course-corrected and is on an exciting trajectory to end the year.

Yusei Kikuchi — That first half all-star performance feels like a decade ago, and so does Yusei’s dude status.

The Current and Final Dude Watch Board of the Year

And now we’re here. The last Dude Watch board of the season. One note: the “watch” portion of the board is cleaned out until next season. You’re either a Dude, or you’re not right now. When spring training hits, the watch begins anew. Behold, in all its glory:

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