2021-2022 Offseason “Get Good Players” Tracker

Welcome to the first ever official Trident Deck Get Good Players Tracker! Whenever the Seattle Mariners acquire a good player, this page will update! It’s that simple. This cutting-edge technology will help you understand which of the team’s offseason moves are made in the spirit of the most important team-building strategy: “get good players.” Now I know some of you like to ask questions, because you’re nosy and never satisfied, so I’ve tried to plan ahead for that and answer the questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Get Good Players Tracker that no one has asked yet

Q: Captain Deck, sir, what if the team acquires a player who might be good?

A: Well you see Sailor, there’s actually quite a large difference between players who might be good, and players who are good. This tracker is specifically for the latter, because those are the most valuable type of players to have.

Q: If the team acquires a good player, does that guarantee that the player will be good when they play for the Mariners?

A: Sailor, the only guarantees in this life are pain, and the sea. This device is not calibrated to predict the future. Just keep in mind that players who are good, usually remain good, at least for a little while. (If you target a player who’s better than Dylan Moore for example, they’ll likely continue to be better than Dylan Moore.)

Q: Sure Captain Deck that all makes sense, but who determines whether or not a player is good and should go into the tracker?

A: ……go swab the deck, Sailor.

Check this space for updates all offseason long!

Good Players Acquired:

ADAM FRAZIER – 2B/OF acquired on 11/27/2021. While not a flashy move by any means, this addition is indeed an upgrade to the roster. Going into his age 30 season, Frazier probably can’t be expected to repeat his career-high 2021, but his floor is much higher than the abyss the Mariners finished the season with in Moore, Bauers, and Toro, though ironically not as high as the floor of James Cameron’s 1989 film THE ABYSS. A low-cost trade for a potentially impactful player with a decent track record is always wise.

ROBBIE RAY – SP acquired on 11/29/21 Aside from Max Scherzer who is about 10 tiers higher than any other pitcher on the market, the Mariners got probably the best one available. At 5 years and $115M with an opt-out after year 3, this is a great first move in the 2021 free agent market. Ray has been dealing swing-and-miss stuff for years, and last year put it all together. Even if he’s not quite the Cy Young version, the Mariners desperately need someone like this at the top of the rotation. Keep going, M’s.

JESSE WINKER – OF acquired on 03/14/22 In a patented Dipoto sneak attack, the Mariners landed one of the best hitters in the league for extremely reasonable price of Brandon Williamson, Justin Dunn, Jake Fraley, and Eugenio Suarez’ contract. Of course they also get Suarez out of that, who might be good again, but is not good right now. Regardless, the addition of Winker is an exciting one and gives the M’s a stud that they can plug into the lineup next to Haniger and France in some order, and expect quality results. That sounds fun. Good job, Jerry.

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