Ahead of Schedule

I had a meeting scheduled for 8 am this morning. I’ve been pushing this meeting back for weeks now, for reasons far too complex to detail here. Actually, to be clear, this meeting was originally supposed to be for the person previously in my position. So you can understand why there would be a little bit of a delay as the duties were passed off to me.

I was planning on leaving the house at 7:15. It’s about a 40 minute drive, so I wanted to leave myself a little extra time in case anything came up. Well, I would have left at 7:15. But some things happened, and I didn’t make it out the door until 7:25. Also, there was a TON of traffic. How could I have anticipated that? It threw off my entire timeline.

I called my coworkers to let them know I wouldn’t be there until 8:20. They were understanding. Like I said, there was a TON of traffic.

It looks like I’m going to arrive at 8:19. Well would you look at that.

I’m ahead of schedule.

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