Location for the First Annual Trident Deck Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby

Sailor, we are 8 weeks out and I am happy that I can officially share with you where our event will be taking place! We are going to be hanging out and thumping plastic ding-dangers at North Meridian Park in Kent!

Pictures courtesy of the Kent parks website

It’s gonna be a great fit. There’s a good sized parking lot and an even bigger one at the school next door. There’s portable restrooms. There’s lots of room to sit or stand and hang out while you’re not batting! The info on this fun lil party will continue to trickle out, so stay tuned and spread the word!

When: September 18th. Arrive between 10:30 and 11 am. Derby starts at 11. We’re out by 4 pm.

Where: North Meridian Park 22828 120th Ave SE Kent, WA 98031

Cost: Just proof of your contribution to LIHI.org !

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