UPDATE: First Annual Trident Deck Charity Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby

Help people get houses and show us your bat flip


Saturday, September 18th! For those of you who can’t make it this date, I’m truly bummed but it looks like this will be best overall. We’re looking at an 11 am start time.


North Meridian Park in Kent!

SE 230th St
Kent, WA 98031
United States


The most important part. Very excited to announce that we’ll be playing for The Low Income Housing Institute! I received a lot of great suggestions from you all. A common thread was homelessness and low-income housing, which is something that’s been on my mind a lot these days and certainly one of the most pressing issues in our region.


Couple avenues for giving here. First, we’ll be making shirts to commemorate the event, and putting them up in the Trident Deck teespring store. Link to the shirts here: https://trident-deck.creator-spring.com/apparel

All profits from these shirts will go to LIHI. Or, you can simply give to LIHI through their site lihi.org. Whatever you choose, upon arriving at the derby please be so kind as to show us proof of your donation either via shirt, receipt on your phone, or whatever. Potentially may be setting up a way to give at the event as well. Happy to have fun and sock dingers with any of you, but want to make sure we stay true to what this is about!


It’s a wiffle ball home run derby, ya goof. Somebody gently serves up plastic meatballs to you, and you launch them into the stratosphere. Our number of participants will determine the exact format. Expect a video in the next couple weeks outlining rules and regulations.


Anybody! We want this to be all ages fun. Your kids and grandmothers deserve the chance to hit moonshots as well.


It would be great to start getting a real headcount on this thing. That would help with my planning immensely. Please reach out to me either via Twitter or you can email me directly on this site, shanehall@tridentdeck.com and let me know if you 1) plan to attend, 2) plant to participate in the derby, 3) are planning on bringing anyone with you, 4) have any special skills or resources that may prove useful. If you’re not totally sure you’ll be able to make it, but think you might, that’s okay! Please let me know that as well.


In the coming weeks, I’ll be making a call out for volunteers to help with tasks of varying difficulty. Keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, I ask that you please share the heck out of this! Not for the sake of this dumb blog, but because we truly want this to have the most impact possible. More people = more money for LIHI and more fun!

It’s been very cool to see the response so far on this. Let’s make it something our whole community can be proud of. And let’s also obliterate each other in the derby. Planning to bombard you with at least weekly updates on this. LET’S GO

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