First Annual Trident Deck Charity Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby

Somebody teach this kid about launch angle smh

WHEN: A Saturday in August or September, most likely September, specifics TBA

WHERE: A baseball field in the King/Pierce County area, specifics TBA

WHAT: A wiffle ball home run derby. All ages and skill levels welcome. Someone tosses you wiffle balls and you obliterate them with a plastic bat

WHY: To have fun and contribute something positive to this hellish world

WHAT CHARITY ARE WE PLAYING FOR: Charity TBA. Taking suggestions now!

HOW: T-shirts will be made that you can purchase to support the determined charity, and you can give whatever amount you’re comfortable with at the event. As always, specifics TBA

Sailor, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I’m really excited that it could actually happen. Please comment either here or on Twitter and let me know if you’re interested, what weekends work best for you, a favorite local charity, and anything else you’d like to add!

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