Hi Deckies!

The erstwhite Blog Governor has glued himelf to himself in the name of Science, so it’s time to give you the textual equivalent of “rolling out the tv and playing October Sky”.

To the fan of The Auto ReOrder, pipe down my piglet(s), you’ll get your Overcaffinated Helicopter Tour Of The Mariner in due time.

For now, enjoy some 5-7-5 about things Mariner and Mariner adjacent. Thats right, gonna give you the thing no one was asking for

Halfseason Haikus.

Leader Of SmolFolks, JoeVeyera

A Lill Crawdiddy about one J.P. Crawford

Effervescent SS

Mentor Incoming Tadpoles

Way Beyond A Dude

“Pros: He knows a lot. Cons: He knows he knows a lot.”

At The Locked Account Of One Moose Staley

Jarred Kelenic

squeaky cheese curds taste

the squeakiest when given

proper time to clot

Taylor Trammell

oozing PosVibes

mathematics is for chumps

infinite bat flip

Evan White

Evan if you see this

view the melancholy scene

it is not your fault (rooting for ya, Evan!)

Anthony Misiewicz

oh no that ones gone

a high impact reliever

baseball bar go brr

Our BeefCakeBrewer Crody5000

Le Tas Dangerux


generated NPC dangerstack

first half floaty wings

Kyle Lewis

this dum blog wishes 

the speediest of returns

to our dingerdude

Jake Fraley

You Can Be A New

Person After Pandemic

became Barry Bonds

Luis Torrens

a backstop adrift

broken wings fixed by lager

conjured wonder bat

Jake Bauers


low expectations quenched by

deadball-ass stats

Welp, neither do these folks, to certain degrees

James Paxton & Marco Gonzales

two hurler princes
suffering slings and arrows
one mulligan please

Rafel Montero

Nicasio Tshirt
skeleton on the seafloor
any day now blub

Justus Sheffield

living high zone life
hangy bangy equation
trip to Pierce County

Will Vest

Monty Burns meme muse
results cromulent at best
mind the free pass, please

John Stanton

more should remember
future folks seldom visit
penny pinchers graves

Well good news, these baseball folks will **hopefully** get the raise that should be given to most workers in this situaion!

Mitch Haniger

Aging Gracefully
Testicular Fortitude
Homer Manager

Yusei Kikuchi

A young dude thriving
Prodigious generator
Of long lonely walks

Ty France

Tactical TyGuy
A new Thyberian Dawn
fire ze missiles

Chris Flexen

peppery repat
big ol’ yakkers magazine
wants you for cover

The Lads In The Minors

barnyard PosVibes
bracing 4 heartbreak tsunami
cracking a cold one

Logan Gilbert

may I indulge you
on the topic of Dude Watch
a dude since day one

I guarantee this professor had many hats
I can assure you, Ojedaangel is the human embodiment of “a pleasure to have in class”

Justin Dunn (get well soon)

you will know me by
the trail of FIP nerds I stuffed
in lockers near you

Dylan Moore

living the dude life
a speedy dang-er hang-er
will do in a pinch

Shed Long Jr

got moms credit card
wait until I show my buds
I purchased all the DLC

Keynan Middleton

new 80-grade pump-up guy
life on the inferno’s edge
money green tang fruit

Tom Murphy

jfc have you seen the teeth
framelord backup catcher
I mean, look at them

Above it all, just wants to do Dad Stuff

Kyle Seager

sodo metronome
back and forth infinitely
extendo plz jerry

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