Mariners Acquire Jack Bauer in Exchange for PTBNL

While a lot of the shine has worn off of Jack, the pedigree is still there and it’s good to see the Mariners make a buy-low move for a very talented special agent like this when they have so little depth at that position. Bauer should step in and get regular time on the job right away. He has no problem performing under pressure, and is seemingly in a new environment every day so it shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment for him.

24 hours ago Jack was disarming a neutron bomb in Central America, and today he’ll be doing who-knows-what for the Seattle Mariners. He plays things pretty close to the chest, but eventually video footage of his work always comes out, and I personally can’t wait to see how Dipoto & Co. utilize a man with such a broad skill set. Perhaps some light interrogation of Alex Bregman is in order? We’ll find out soon enough!

An important part of roster building is making low-cost moves like this wherever you can to add depth, and it’s a type of move the Mariners desperately need to make, and continue to make, due to the poor roster construction and injury issues thus far.

All in all, special agent Jack Bauer can be expected to come in and do a bang-up job. He’s cool under fire, and not afraid of any situation. He may dabble in some war crimes from time to time, but that worked out alright for the Astros so who cares? Good move, M’s.

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