Mariners Click Wrong Button, Try to Fix Before Anyone Notices

Three days after claiming catcher Jacob Nottingham off of waivers from the Milwaukee Brewers, the Mariners have thrown this fish back into the pond. Turns out they never wanted him at all — his acquisition was the result of a simple mistake with the computer mouse on the part of GM Jerry Dipoto.

When the initial move was announced on Wednesday, it made sense. On a struggling offense, the catcher position in particular has really been a black hole. Every time Tom Murphy blinks a fastball goes flying by him, and Torrens has been less than inspiring. Perhaps it wouldn’t be the worst idea to get Torrens some time in Tacoma, and potentially inject some life into a comatose bottom-of-the-order.

So much for that. It was all just a mix-up, says Dipoto. “I was just scrolling through the waiver pile, and regrettably did not have my mouse hooked up. I was just using that weird little pad on the laptop, and you know how easy it is to click on there when you don’t mean to.” At that point, it was too late. Jerry only wanted to take a peek but after clicking “claim” on Nottingham, felt as though he was stuck. “Those transactions go through so fast,” he said, shaking his head. “The notification email goes out to all the other owners right away.” Rather then announce the error and ask for a reversal, Dipoto made the decision to just roll with it. “I didn’t want anyone to think I’m an idiot who can’t stop himself from clicking when he doesn’t mean to. So I gave it some time to sit.”

That time ended up being three days. At that point, Dipoto felt it was safe to make the reversal. When asked if requesting a fix from the commissioner immediately would have been the right thing to do, Dipoto paused and said “I don’t know. Probably. Yeah, I should have. I just have a reputation for not being a total moron and I was trying not to screw that up. Guess I kinda did though, didn’t I?” He paused and fidgeted with his mask before answering his own question. “Yeah. Yeah I did.”

As the Mariners go into game two in a weekend series against the Angels, Murphy and Torrens remain the active catchers.

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