Introducing The Trident Deck Podcast: A Podcast by Trident Deck

Much like that large purple fella from the Tony Stark movies, this was inevitable. Did you really think Trident Deck was going to be born on the internet and simply be content to be consumed as written word and nothing more? No. No, Sailor. This here blog was always destined for more. Not “more” as in “better,” mind you, just “more avenues for delivering content.” And so now that day has come to pass. Perhaps someday, this newly evolved poké pet will take that next leap into visual media. But it is not this day. On this day, you get a short introductory podcast. A meet-and-greet. A friendly wave from a new neighbor. So enjoy, reader, as you cross the threshold and become listener.

Inside you will hear:

– What this podcast intends to be

– How it sounds

– The truth about my encounter with a nacho helmet

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    1. Uh oh! Try now, I think I fixed it?

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