VIBES: An Introduction from the Trident Deck Fantasy Incubator

Value Indexed Baseball Estimation System (which will be referred to henceforth as VIBES) is an attempt by the machine learning department at Trident Deck to summarize a player’s total contributions to your fantasy baseball team in a straightforward ranking methodology. While experts would say to have more than one metric in evaluating the statistical contributions to your squad of pixelated baseball dudes, our well-funded research department has concluded that your optimal dopamine levels are achieved using VIBES and VIBES alone. VIBES provides the golden path to present and future value within the domain of fantasy and/or rotisserie formats of baseball through the usage of bleeding edge technological advancement.

In its current state, VIBES is only mostly precise in its indications of player contributions to the metagame of fantasy baseball due to the imperfect state of humanoid-centric data collection methods. As cybernetics advances and neural implants gain societal acceptance, we estimate that we can truly achieve a Just VIBES societal end-goal in the next 420 to 6969 years. As it stands now, there may not be too much difference between SS VIBES 12 and SS VIBES 15; we genuinely want to represent the gulf between, say, Catcher VIBES #2 and Catcher VIBES #17.

While VIBES is a rare leap of human technology to exploding brain levels, it’s not entirely galaxy-brained in its current iteration. Below you can find general information about VIBES and specific details on position players and pitchers, as VIBES is obviously calculated differently for each.

For Position Players

  • Shhhhhh, it’s a secret ;).

For Pitchers

  • Patent-pending grey box algorithm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

For Humans

  • We are looking to diversify our business offerings. Stay tuned.

Calculation Example Suitable For Public Consumption:

We can give you a brief look into how VIBES predicts walk rate. Be forewarned, this can only be handled by those with high IQs…


Things to Remember:

● As Moore’s law has not progressed to the degree in which computing power exists to process the NextGenMath needed to fully actualize VIBES, the system is set up to maximize utility for fantasy baseball leagues of standard formats in the year 2021. VIBES checks will be required for leagues of exotic settings and player positional eligibility

VIBES is context-dependent and is not meant to compare players between year, leagues, and teams. To put it in human terms, The Marine Layer will provide a VIBES ding for Mariner hitters and a VIBES boost for Mariner pitchers.

● It’s not all sunshine and lollipops with VIBES. Negative VIBES can be generated by performing an action that produces sadness in mammals. Events such as making an out, being thrown out while stealing, allowing a hit, allowing a run, and walking a batter. Players who generate a high number of these events without providing a boatload of other happiness-generating events will eventually be sent to the shadow realm of fantasy baseball irrelevance, a fate which we compute is at least 12 VIBES worse than death.

VIBES is an estimate of future performance in regards to the 2021 major league baseball season. You should not fully trust VIBES with impactful life choices in the algorithm’s current state as it is not precise to the decimal point.

VIBES for starting pitchers who split time between the bullpen and starting takes their most prominent role (starter vs. reliever) versus their designation. If there is a weakness to VIBES at this point and time, it is proper valuation of pitchers with fluid roles.

VIBES for relievers is saves & holds agnostic at this point. Assuming rational coaching, relievers with Good VIBES will eventually have these conventionally fantasy-relevant roles.

● Tony Stewart killed a guy with his car.

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