2021 Farm System Rankings

The Mariners’ much-improved farm system is receiving a lot of praise these days, and for good reason. No matter where you stand on Jerry Dipoto’s step-back/anti-rebuild/whatever it is, he should be credited for the work he’s done to improve the farm to this point. He’s maximized value where he can, and has a couple top-tier prospects headlining a much deeper group than we’ve seen in the past 8 years or so. That being said, where does it stand compared to other farm systems? The crops need time to develop and grow, but they’re in a good spot. Let’s take a look at Trident Deck’s official 2021 farm system rankings. We only rank the top 11, because we like to be weird and different.

11. Seattle Mariners

Coming in at 11th place is the aforementioned Mariners. Our ranking is definitely on the lower end compared to many other sites, but we believe the competition is pretty steep. The good news is that with the right progression from the current talent and a commitment to continually supply this farm with more resources, there’s no reason it can’t move up the ranks quickly.

10. Shifting Cultivation

The least efficient of the remaining farm systems, and the problematic slash-and-burn tactics destroy forests and wildlife.

9. Market Gardening and Horticulture

Even though it’s not, this sounds like something which should be done exclusively on the east coast. Inherently bad for this reason.

8. Commercial Plantation

Real bad connotations from the word “plantation.” Also way too much tobacco.

7. Livestock Ranching

Not good for the environment; too many cow farts. However, does provide (sometimes) delicious meat.

6. Commercial Dairy Farming

A very strong system here. However the black cloud of performance enhancing drugs is always hanging overhead, which makes it tough to trust the product.

5. Intensive Subsistence Agriculture

The potential for versatility from this group is there, but we’re still waiting to see execution at a high level. It’s very localized compared to some other systems, and a little self-absorbed, missing out on what some of the competition is doing.

4. Mediterranean Agriculture

Here’s a top-heavy system that falls a little short on depth. A lot of fan favorites here that are highly likely to turn into elite products. The favorite system of wine moms everywhere. Are wine moms still a thing? Are they hard seltzer moms now?

3. Commercial Grain Cultivation

A juggernaut of American farming. Efficient, productive, and probably even deadly. Also probably not great for the environment, though at this level the widespread appeal means we probably don’t care as much.

2. Nomadic Herding

The only thing holding this system back is just the lack of resources. A truly elite system, and honestly the coolest one on the list. Sheep, goats, cats, doesn’t matter. You get to live in big tents and wander around forever, without the weight of other people’s expectations? Sign me up.

1. Mixed Farming

The system to end all systems. It’s got crops. It’s got animals. It’s got crops of animals. Maybe someday in the future one of these other systems can take the throne, but the constant influx of talent and money being poured into this one’s development will make that pretty hard to do.

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