Fanbase Friday Vol. 4: Remember Chris Taylor?

Welcome back to Fanbase Friday. Today we’re joined by @IHateWorkman, to get a snapshot of the behemoth that is Dodgers Twitter. Here we go!

TD: How long have you been active in Dodgers twitter?

Workman: I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as “Dodgers Twitter” I’d call myself more “A Dodger fan who Tweets about them a lot.” I’ve been active in this mess since around 2011. Having to Tweet through the last of the McCourt years and into the start of the Guggenheim Era is what kept me sane.

TD: How would you describe Dodgers twitter? Culture/demographic/etc?

W: I think of it as high school. Everyone has their sort of cliques that all sit at their lunch tables. Every now and again a food fight breaks out, and it creates some pretty entertaining days.

TD: What are some of the best memes/running jokes in Dodgers twitter?

W: At the moment, the Friar Phil videos since they just wrapped up a series with the Padres. But for this year, it’s easily Edwin Rios. The fanbase recently found out via Rookie Dress-Up Day photos that he was….let’s call it “blessed”. It makes the timeline pretty interesting anytime he hits one out.

TD: Your account has real strong “and then what happened” energy. You have a knack for spotting those potential cold takes in the making, and making sure the author doesn’t forget. What’s one of your favorite interactions you’ve had like this, that relates to Dodgers baseball?

W: Easily the 2018 NLCS. The Brewers’ Twitter account tends to throw a ton of shade, but my favorite was when Jeremy Jeffress, who had been absolute garbage all series, but also talked a huge game every night, managed to not blow game 4 despite his best efforts. @Brewers said something about him not cracking under pressure which came in handy when Yasiel Puig took him 400 feet to ice game 7.

TD: As an outsider, Dodgers fans’ relationship with Dave Roberts feels…contentious. How is he generally viewed within the fanbase?

W: It’s…interesting. Dave Roberts built up a ton of goodwill his first couple of seasons when the Dodgers were really platoon heavy and he somehow managed to work around giving a lot of guys limited playing time based on their splits. I don’t know of a lot of managers that could have done what he did, especially with Puig around. That being said, a lot of that goodwill has gone away after how he managed the bullpen in the 2018 World Series (i.e. pulling Rich Hill too early, inexplicably going with Ryan Madsen multiple times in big spots, and using Kenley for two innings when it’s very clear he’s not built for that). And of course the Kershaw debacle in the 2019 NLDS. I think if I had to put a number on it, I’d say if they don’t win a World Series this year, about 75-80% of the fanbase will completely turn on him. Especially if it boils down to an in-game decision that backfired, which he’s absolutely prone to.

TD: What are your thoughts on the team’s official twitter account?

W: I think they do a great job. They’re not very vanilla with their Tweets and they interact with the fans when they can. I’d say it’s probably a step below the Rockies, Marlins, and Indians which are in a league of their own.

TD: Which team’s fanbase is the worst to interact with online?

W: The easy answer is Houston, but if you look hard enough, you’ll actually find some pretty quality people on there. The actual answer is probably the Cubs. If you’re looking for a fanbase that takes themselves way too seriously, your search ends with Cubs Twitter.

TD: What current Dodger do the fans have the most negative feelings for?

W: Kike Hernandez followed closely by Austin Barnes. Barnes is probably saved by his defense, which is pretty elite. Kike had an all-time great game in the 2017 NLCS and has pretty much ridden that wave for the last three years. He’ll usually give you a breakout game and then spend the rest of the year making you question why they even let him swing the bat.

TD: Is there a non-star player that’s universally loved?

W: Chris Taylor. He produces every year, and can pretty much play anywhere you plug him in.

TD: Mariners fans are totally not bothered by that trade at all. Haha very cool, very cool.

TD: You have one day to convince the person of your dreams, who you’ve never met, to spend the rest of their life with you. Which Dodger is gonna be the best wingman? Who would be the worst?

W: Joc is probably my wingman. The worst would probably be Chris Taylor. I’d just picture him sitting silently and sipping an iced tea through a straw and providing absolutely nothing to a conversation. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk before.

TD: Give us 5 accounts (besides yourself) that are must-follow in Dodgers twitter.

W: @MoreDodgerBlues – Loves to mix it up with other fanbases. You’ll probably see him at the center of every fight between fanbases.

@Morasee – Fun follow with awful taste in music and beer, but if you want to see the emotional roller coaster this game can take you on, she’s your girl.

@BeisbolFrank – Totally entertaining and has a knack for riling people up with a single Tweet. It’s pretty amazing.

@bjorkWRLD – Criminally underfollowed, but can give you some great baseball takes during the season, and during the offseason gives you a glimpse of life from his Northern California farm. His stuff during Thanksgiving is absolutely can’t miss.

@DodgerGuss – Seriously. Just go follow him. I guarantee you will not be let down.

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