Your Predictions for 2020

Whatever this season is going to be, it is going to be weird. Any pre-season predictions should reflect that. I asked the Trident Deck twitter followers to give their best weird, goofy, or alarming predictions and they did not disappoint. Here’s a list of all the things you said would happen this season, Sailor. Hope somebody got one right.

The Mariners will lose the World Series in a 10th inning walk-off – @CFromBothell

Aaron Goldsmith will analyze the Taco Bell menu during a game broadcast in August – @AlanHoffmann

Bryan Shaw will lead the Mariners bullpen in ERA and strikeouts. – @SadRoxFan

A player will be pulled mid-game for a positive COVID-19 test – @blumerdeluxe

Kyle Lewis will have more dingers than the Mariners have wins – @Travis_Johannes

Daniel Vogelbach hits at least 10 HR with a batting average .195 or lower – @Slam_Hilliard22

Dinelson Lamet and Corbin Burnes will both be top 5 in strikeouts in the league – @Sam42896

The Mariners will be involved in two no-hitters – @micahfriez

The final four NL teams will be LAD, Diamondbacks, Rockies, and Padres – @M5Hansen

Rockies win the NL West after the Dodgers get shut down for pandemic reasons – @Broncos_Reddit

Nationals start slow, miss playoffs – @JackAMeissner

Vogelbach will be DFA’d, Kikuchi won’t record a win – @noahsadork

Verlander gets traded back to Detroit @bishopkm

Jay Buhner will appear in a broadcast booth wearing a patriotic face mask -@SammyFletchino3

Leage batting average leader will hit .381 – @tblat99sports

No team will win the 2020 World Series *as currently named. – @OakTreeStatus

A pitcher will DH. Specifically Madison Bumgarner on an off day. – @Neds24

Tim Lopes will lead the Mariners outfield in WAR. – @Chris5am

Starting with Dee, players start to feel more comfortable masked, eventually growing into a team unity-identity movement wherein they never appear unmasked during games or for any media/fan/public event – @hamletmax

Vogelbach becomes an extra inning runner and gets thrown out by a mile – @Zachy_Prince

Single digit win team (plz not Ms)
More Astros HBP than Ms pitchers (season total)
No complete games thrown by any pitcher
Vogelbach more SB than Pujols – @dawescott

A baseball will be hit all the way out of T-Mobile Park.
At some point during the season it will be revealed that a holographic version of Ichiro has been doing nightly pregame hype speeches to the team in the clubhouse (but revealed only if they are winning). – @linder_seattle

Mariners will miss expanded playoffs by one game, or a tiebreaker – @tworsandtwols

A video of Daniel Vogelbach eating ribs at Chili’s will inexplicably go viral.
The Mariners will go on a streak to force a tiebreaker for the 8 seed, and in their excitement announce plans to build a stadium just south of T-Mobile Park that has no seating, just The Pen all around. [Editors note: ???] – @Anorak_CA

A crazed fan will sneak into one of these all-but-abandoned stadiums & live there during this whole weird season, Phantom of the Opera style. I’m hoping it’s at MinuteMaid & that he bangs on trashcans and boos, but then disappears into the shadows before security find him. – @grenouille781

Taijuan Walker gets a contract extension before the end of the year. – @JoeVeyera

Jerry trades for a player on a “COVID discount” – @notMooseBigelow

A pitcher 35 or older wins a Cy Young – @spankywinker

Evan White secretly runs a fan blog for the movie THE FIRM. – @ShaneMLantz

The Angels get the 5 seed in the AL, with Trout missing a week – @oldmanjenkins08

The Giants lose more games than the Orioles – @_esquilax

Marco Gonzales throws back-to-back no-hitters. – @_kendallrjones

Vogelbach steals home – @bradshaw_41

Clayton Kershaw gets shut down for the year. – @TJGarf

Kyle Lewis leads the AL in home runs, with a BA over .250 – @Brettzel15

The Mariners get the 8 seed – @Seattle_09

A starting pitcher will go the whole season with a 0.00 ERA – @Cbrew5000

Scott Servais gets fired, Ken Griffey Jr. becomes manager – @Matt_Johnson_75

A Seattle reliever will get 10 wins – @DarthKripple

Dee Gordon catches a flyball with his hat. – @danmorse_

The Mariners will make the playoffs, host a game with no fans, lose, and not make the playoffs for another 18 years. Wait…this isn’t weird, it is probable. – @pabco33

There they are. Forty six predictions, ranging from the challenging-yet-achievable to the completely bonkers. There are some real gems in there, and some I’m really rooting for. Let’s hope you’re right.

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