Swab the Deck 7.27.20

I thought we just cleaned this thing?

In True Florida Fashion, Marlins Looking to Start an Outbreak


The Marlins starter was a late scratch on Sunday, and then we found out there were multiple positives. We should always be asking ourselves why a professional baseball team is allowed to operate in Florida, but now especially, why is a professional baseball team allowed to operate in Florida?

They’re the Buffalo Blue Jays This Time, For Real. No Takebacks.


As is the deal with all home closings, you can’t move in right away. The Blue Jays will have to wait a couple weeks to play a “home” game in the home that they did not want. It’s ok, Jays. Sometimes you get priced out of the market and have to settle.

Derek Holland Gets the Best of Both Worlds


Now here’s a fun one. Due to these uncertain times, Derek Holland had the opportunity to soak in the game from the stands. “How fun to be able to yell at the umpire, tell him his strike zone sucks, and — oh, wait. Nope, he threw me out. Well this will be an awkward walk back to the clubhouse.”

Gabe Kapler Doesn’t Want You to See His Lineup


Ok, Dave. You call it “gamesmanship.” I’ll call it “he’s clearly embarrassed of the lineup he’s forced to roll out every night.”

Adam Duvall Hates Dogs


If you go opposite field just to hit a cardboard dog in the face, I can only assume there are some deep-seated issues. I don’t care how strong he is, I wouldn’t want a monster on my team.

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