Fanbase Friday Vol. 1: Rockies Twitter

I’m excited to present to you a new feature at Trident Deck dot website: Every friday, we will interview a member of a different MLB team’s twitter fan base to gain some insight into what they’re all about, and hopefully enhance your online baseball experience. One of my favorite things about sports fandom in this modern era is the online communities that are cultivated through the mutual love (or disdain) of our sports teams. While groups are generally aware of each other, each one has a culture and environment that is unique to itself. We are going to explore that here, and give people a chance to appreciate it with an inside perspective. Who knows, we may even bridge some gaps and bring some fan communities together.

All of that being said, I am pleased to present to you the first team on Fanbase Friday: Near and dear to my heart, it’s Rockies twitter. As some of you are already aware, if there’s any team or group that Mariners fans should feel comfortable spending time with, it’s this one. Here to tell us a little more about Rockies Twitter is @TylerQinUtah.

Trident Deck: How long have you been a part of Rockies Twitter?

Tyler: Great question! Umm like, 5ish years now? I started finding people around 2013 and started getting really into it around 2014-15 I think. So let’s say like 6 years perhaps.

TD: How would you describe Rockies Twitter?

TQ: Oh man. This is such a funny question, cuz I try to explain to people who aren’t On Here (twitter in anyway) what a twitter community is and they don’t really get it. Rockies Twitter is seriously the best. Obviously we’re all here to tweet and talk about Rockies baseball, but it turns into SO much more than that. I swear we argue about food more than anything. We’ve had The Great Onion Wars multiple times, drumsticks vs flats, we actually had some great discourse about grapes the other day. LOTS of food opinions.

As far as types of people, I’d say the majority of the folks on Rockies Twitter actually reside in Colorado, which is cool cuz you get the Locals Only™️ point of view, it’s always rad to see what’s shakin in the heart of Coors. We’ve got a VERY COOL, very strong contingent in the Utah area, those guys tend to be some of my favorites. PNW is strong, there’s folks from Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, some of our strongest members live in the Los Angeles area, one of everyone’s favs lives in Austria of all places. We’ve got PITT fans, Emmy winners, math majors, teachers, broadcasters, website runners, moms/dads, attorneys, accountants, we got it all.

TD: For the people who don’t know, can you explain “taco’s?”

TQ: I can! This one is all Connor (@rockiesvsconnor)… there was once a guy named TomBroDude on twitter who was suuuuuuuper funny and tweeted just “taco’s” one day (apostrophe is important here). The Rockies forever and to this day, run a promotion where if they score 7 runs, fans get some sort of discount at local Taco Bell restaurants.

So Connor made it a thing by repurposing the original “taco’s” tweet to fit the promotion. The apostrophe has started sooooo much drama especially when the @Rockies account uses it. One of my favorite things ever is the wall of “taco’s” in the timeline when that 7th run goes up. I even got a taco’s tattoo haha.

TD: Hang on. A taco’s tattoo? We need to see this.

TD: What are some of your other favorite memes/jokes from the community?

TQ: taco’s is definitely high up on the list. The Win Wombat is good, My Narrative/Action Player (usually some type of sarcastic praise directed at Ian Desmond), Jake McGee date night (a twitter user @jakemcgee who was very excited about a date with his favorite girl), blurry bullpen guy, 1520 Stout St (an attempt to fight a member of Rockies twitter at this location evolved into a widespread euphemism for challenging someone to fight), COOOOOORS, there are so many haha. Also trying to disrupt the sanctity of #ToyotaTalk is a constant we all enjoy. Can’t forget @rockies_dril which is a very very good @dril parody account. A lil NSFW, but it rules so hard and is un-cancelable. The following tweet was read aloud on air.

TD: Dinger is a controversial figure both inside and out of Rockies Twitter. He’s either revered as a cult hero, or despised like some kind of demonic entity. How do you feel about Dinger?

TQ: I got no beef with Dinger! If people get a chance, go watch the video of him hatching out of a giant egg when the team debuted him. I also love when he spins his head around.

TD: What are your thought’s on the team’s official twitter account?

TQ: Sometimes I see polls/articles/stories about the best official team accounts and I feel like @Rockies is somehow always on there. They do such a great job of keeping fans and tweeps engaged. Plus they’ve got in on the jokes way way hard, which rules. Take the taco’s thing for example, they know it’s gonna cause a commotion but they totally play into it, I love that.

TD: Is there a non-star player that Rockies Twitter universally loves?

TQ: Probably Ramiel Tapia??? We love the crab man

TD: What player does Rockies Twitter have the most negative feelings for?

TQ: Great timing on this one! Lol, like 2 weeks ago, this was undoubtedly Ian Desmond. But due to him sitting out the season for social justice reasons and COVID concerns, he no longer harbors the ill will of most of us. So let’s go with Daniel Murphy or Bryan Shaw for the time being.

TD: Which Rockie would you most trust to take care of your cats while you’re on vacation?

TQ: I feel like most Rockies players are big dog people. Not seeing a lot of cat pics out there. There was a photoshoot a few years ago where Scott Oberg posed with a bunch of kittens, so I’m gonna go with him.

TD: Which member of Rockies twitter would you trust with the same task?

TQ: Oh man, this is easy. My man Nlck (@nlcknotnick) cuz he has 3 cats and he knows the drill.

TD: Give us five accounts (aside from yourself) that are must-follow for anyone looking to experience Rockies Twitter.

TQ: The Purple Dinocast dudes (@purpledinocast) who run the best Rockies podcast are some of the funniest dudes on there. THESE GUYS GET IT.

Connor (@rockiesvsconnor) has probably invented the most and strongest memes/jokes in the whole community. A required follow for sure.

Purple Row (@purplerow) is run by a handful of writers and is the best source for ACTUAL Rockies baseball content. But they’re always in on the jokes and great great people.

Bryan Kilpatrick (@rockymountainBK) is often considered the dad of Rockies Twitter. He knows where the bodies are buried.

Ted (@theghostofmarv) is a crucial follow, especially during these UNCERTAIN TIMES. He’s been putting together footage of old Rockies games on youtube and putting his own twist on it. That has been a lifesaver over these last few months.

Thanks for reading, and thank you to Tyler Q for the inside scoop on Rockies Twitter. See you again next week, on Fanbase Friday!

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