League Audit: Things Are Going Really Well

When attempting to play a baseball season in the midst of a global pandemic, there are obviously many variables and ways for things to go poorly. To mitigate this as much as possible it’s important to have very thorough planning, standardized procedures throughout the league and one hundred percent adherence to established policies.

So it’s a good thing Major League Baseball is taking all of those necessary steps. It would not be a good look if certain teams were getting test results quickly while others were experiencing significant delays. It would appear especially silly if you had one team — let’s just use the Astros in this hypothetical — that was shutting down some team activities while awaiting test results out of caution, and another team —let’s say, I don’t know, the Royals — that played a practice game with a player who ended up being positive, before the results came back.

That type of inconsistency would appear to show a league that did not have a firm plan in place or did not communicate well to all parties how that plan should be enforced. That would be frankly pretty embarrassing. (Almost as embarrassing as branding a pandemic-shortened season “Summer Camp,” like we’re all just about to get away from our parents for a bit and jump in a lake.) If that was the type of response we were seeing from MLB, I think it would rightly make us wonder if this should even be happening at all.

Thankfully the league has spared us that moral dilemma, and we can sit back and enjoy the games knowing that this well-oiled machine won’t miss a beat when it comes to testing, isolation, and the overall health of employees and their families.

Here’s to owners recouping some of their losses baseball being back!

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