A Special Message Brought to You by Every Mariners Slogan Ever

As we all continue to stay Safe at Home, things can feel a little lonely. It’s important to remember that We Can Do This Together. I know we miss watching the guys Playin’ Hardball. But we have to stay strong, and Believe Big things can happen. I believe Anything Can Happen. I believe we will See It Happen. But most of all, I Believe In Baseball. My Oh My, What A Show that will be when that Big League Stuff returns. I can’t wait to see these New Seattle Mariners Join The Lineup and Get After It. The SoDo Mojo will be back in action when the boys in northwest green are Playin’ For Keeps, Coming On Strong All Season Long. Before you know it, we will be watching Daniel Vogelbach Control The Zone, get a fastball down the middle and Get All Of It. Hey Now! Don’t forget about Evan White, who will surely be Ready To Play. I could go on and on. It’s true what they say — You Gotta Love These Guys! If you’re True To The Blue like me, it’s exciting to think about how Good this team could be. I think soon we will be able to say It’s An All-Star Summer once again in Seattle. Ain’t Baseball Great? I can already feel that Mojo Risin’. I think it will be around for years to come, too. Viva La Mojo! In the meantime, let’s follow the lead of our local team. If we stay focused in these uncertain times and practice Kaizen, we can Refuse To Lose to this pandemic. Things may change, but we will see baseball again. A New Day. A New Way. Whatever It Takes.

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