Tournament of Sadness: Final Four Preview

This is the inevitable conclusion that the Tournament of Sadness was always going to reach, excluding the interjection of the 4 seed from the Trident Region. The Adam Jones trade has been carried to this point by its allegorical nature in respect to the franchise as a whole. While several competitors in the tournament had this quality, this one struck a chord that the others couldn’t. Probably an A#m7. (This is a music blog now). Here is what the other three remaining Titans of Tragedy have to say about our teal boys:

– The Mariners have been bad for a long time

– The Mariners have rarely done anything good

– The Mariners have never done anything great

Are these gross oversimplifications? Sure. Is that what we’re all about here at Trident Deck dot website? Absolutely, mate. We’re having a good time here, aren’t we folks? We really are. The best time. Only two rounds left, soak it all in.

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