Tournament of Sadness: Bracket and Schedule

The official bracket of the Trident Deck Tournament of Sadness is here. Save, print, tape it to your manager’s door. It is time to decide. What is the Ultimate Sad in Mariners history? Voting will begin on Tuesday, March 3rd. Be sure to follow the Trident Deck twitter account if you’re not already (why aren’t you already?) so that you can see the polls as they’re posted. Be sure to retweet the poll after you’ve voted. The sadness must spread as far as possible. Do not take this lightly.

Schedule (subject to change):
Tuesday, March 3rd and Wednesday, March 4th – Round of 32
Friday, March 6th – Sweet 16
Monday, March 9th – Elite 8
Tuesday, March 10th – Final Four
Thursday, March 12th – Supreme Sadness

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