Cubs vs Mariners Spring Training Bonanza Recap

(Photo by Darron Cummings, AP)

The internet is always in need of more recaps of inter-squad practice sessions, and I’m here to do my part.

Today the Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners met up to theoretically play a game of baseball, and the result was a decent approximation. Many of the Mariners who took the field today probably tried their very best. Some of them most likely did not. (Looking at you, Cowgill). None of the players should beat themselves up about this, though. There is plenty of time left to practice trying hard.

You may have noticed that a final score from the game has not been mentioned yet. That’s because there wasn’t one. It was just a bunch of ball players learning how to have fun, and play the game the right way.

The biggest takeaway from this game for the Mariners (aside from the fact that Marco Gonzales is completely doomed) is that everyone who played appears to have at least a vague concept of how the sport works. That’s a good baseline if you’re trying to field a competitive baseball team in a few weeks.

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