Is Evan White Better Than These Mariners First Basemen?

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Predicting future success for prospects is extremely difficult for even the most trained scouts and analysts, which we are not, and that is exactly why we are going to do it. Remember, kids — skill is irrelevant where boldness exists. Never let the fact that you’re bad at something stop you from doing it. Coincidentally, this philosophy explains much of the Mariners’ history with the first base position. With that in mind, we will now decide with absolute certainty whether or not Evan White is already better than these other Mariners first basemen.

Dan Meyer
Yes. This guy is the size of a high school junior and put up -1.8 bWAR in 2 seasons as the primary 1B. Next.

Bruce Bochte
Yes. Bruce was fine. Evan will be more fine.

Gary Gray
The thing about Gary Gray is that he was not good. White moves to 3-0.

Pat Putnam
Yes. If I’m this guy’s manager I’m Putnam on the bench, folks. You can’t start this mess.

Alvin Davis

Pete O’Brien
Buzz, your first baseman! WOOF

Tino Martinez
Yes. But also, no.

Paul Sorrento
Yes. You know, these two seasons are actually pretty good. And I’m not just saying that because Paul signed my tee-ball mitt. But, two seasons isn’t enough.

David Segui
No. For completely arbitrary reasons I’ve decided that for David Segui, two seasons is long enough. I’ve been saying it since he was drafted – Evan White is a slightly worse David Segui ( I have not been saying this at all).

John Olerud
No. Absolutely not. Save this for when I’m proven wrong.

Russell Branyan
While I do enjoy that .239/.338/.508 slash line in Seattle, the nod goes to Evan White.

Casey Kotchman
Kotchman at first base? More like first basement, it’s hard to get much lower than this, folks.

Justin Smoak
I know this will hurt a lot of you….but yes. The answer is yes.

Corey Hart/Michael Morse/Kendrys Morales/Jack Zduriencik’s Voltron
Extremely yes. We cannot allow ourselves to enter this dark place.

Logan Morrison
The edge goes to White on the field, but to Morrison on the twitter streets.

Adam Lind/Dae Ho Lee/Danny Valencia/Yonder Alonso/Jerry Dipoto’s Voltron
Yes. While this group is more stylistically appealing than the one belonging to the previous regime, it is still very much not good.

Ryon Healy
Ry-on brings a lot to the table. Some of those things are not bad. Those things include smiling, hitting baseballs very hard, and generally appearing to have a good time. He does not, however, bring “starting first baseman” skills to the table.

Daniel Vogelbach
No. Vogey may never play another inning at first base for the rest of his career and he’s already the best Mariners first baseman of all time.

Okay. Yes. Fine. The point goes to White. You’ll never get me to admit this again.

Austin Nola
Yes. I’m still not entirely sure what an Austin Nola is, and how it got here.

At the end of this extensive research, one thing is clear: Evan White is already the fourth-best first baseman in Mariners franchise history, without taking a single Major League at bat to this point. You can argue with numbers if you want, but you’ll be wrong every time. Congratulations, Evan. Here’s to a long, pretty decent career.


4 responses to “Is Evan White Better Than These Mariners First Basemen?”

  1. Strongly disagree with Tino. The correct answer is no, he is not better than Tino. Did you ever play Ken Griffey Jr Slugfest? I’m assuming no, since there’s no possible way you’d be on the fence about Tino if you did – easy YES for him. And that’s scientific research as well, my friend, so indisputable.

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