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Second Annual Trident Deck Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby

It’s been a weird, busy, mostly-blogless year for ol’ blog here, but I am relieved and excited that we are on track for our second annual charity derby! We are on short notice, something I hope to improve upon in the coming years, but there’s no reason we can’t still have a blast and raise […]

Thank You, Ichiro

Despite growing up in New Jersey, I have been a Mariners fan from day one. Whenever people ask me why my answer is always the same. My mom grew up in Washington, that side of the family still lives out there, and I was simply born into it. However, this past weekend in Seattle made […]

Road Trip Recap: Is Somebody Gonna Clean This Up?

I have a cat. I have never wanted to have a cat, but I do have one. He is a living consolation prize; a reminder of a time when my wife and I wanted a dog and lived in a dog-free zone. But here’s the funny part: the cat is soul-bonded to me. Imprinted. I’m […]